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About Saint Vincent Academy

Nurturing girls into empowered, confident women.

For 151 years, Saint Vincent’s has graduated women of faith, service, character and competence – women whose hopes reach beyond themselves to the betterment of their families, friends, neighbors and communities.

Our mission has not changed. We remain committed to serving women of diverse backgrounds, many of whom face societal and economic challenges. Located in Newark, New Jersey, our Academy prepares urban women to be creative participants in society by empowering them with rigorous academic learning and life-enhancing Gospel teachings. Due to the commitment of teachers and amazing students, 100% of SVA graduates are accepted to college and enrich society by living their Vincentian legacy of service.



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Announcing the prestigious Promise Scholars Program:

A full, four-year scholarship for girls to attend Saint Vincent Academy.

The new Promise Scholars Program was established in 2020 with plans to begin in Fall of 2021. In pursuit of our mission to offer more urban women the opportunity to be creative participants in society by empowering them with rigorous academic learning and life-enhancing Gospel teachings, the Academy is offering full, four-year scholarships to qualifying students.

The Promise Scholars Program is for girls with strong academic records, demonstrated leadership, and an interest in school and community involvement. The program will award merit within need to support girls who will benefit most from a Saint Vincent Academy education, taking the family’s financial needs into account. 

While the Promise Scholars Program is selective, it is not the only available financial aid offered to SVA students. The Academy offers partial scholarships and financial aid to students who qualify. We encourage all to learn more about all the possibilities available.


To learn more about applying to Saint Vincent’s and further details on the Promise Scholars Program and other financial aid information, enter your contact information on this page.


I’m a proud graduate of SVA, and now I’ve come back to serve as a teacher for my younger SVA sisters.


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