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Message from the President 

In 1859, Mother Mary Xavier Mehegan founded the New Jersey community of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth with their motherhouse in the City of Newark. With a mission of community service to the underserved, the Charities opened hospitals, orphanages, and schools. In 1869, they established Saint Vincent Academy (SVA).

SVA’s 150+ year history of values-driven, Catholic education is as relevant today as ever. It is focused on women modeling, mentoring and educating young girls, and preparing them for their roles as tomorrow’s leaders in our communities.  

At SVA, we are enriched by our diversity with a student body that is a mosaic of colors, creeds and cultures. At SVA, it is a girl’s voice heard in a classroom, science lab, cafeteria or chapel; on a gym floor, stage or sports field. It is a girl who is class president, team captain, biomed project leader, valedictorian, and club moderator.

At SVA, we encourage our students to use their God-given gifts to build a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Welcome to a new year at Saint Vincent’s.

You are in our hearts and prayers.

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Sister June Favata, SC


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