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Message from the Administration

It is our privilege and delight to be a part of the Saint Vincent Academy community.  Almost 300 young women and 47 faculty, staff and volunteers constitute a richly diverse family focused on one lofty goal - the emergence of each student from adolescence to womanhood. 


Faith and fruitfulness, expectation and support, love and accountability, warmth and respect highlight and strengthen Saint Vincent Academy's unique community spirit.  Visitors sense this spirit as soon as they enter.  They also keep us aware of our students' uncommon charm, intelligence, poise, and politeness.  Our faculty believes in all students' ability and holds them to the highest academic and behavioral standards.


Being a part of such a school community ranks as one of our greatest blessings.  As the community's leaders, we bow before the goodness, dedication, and achievement of its members and we serve in gratitude to all who keep the spirit and high achievement of this great institution alive and well. 


We extend our deepest thanks to Saint Vincent Academy's extended family, alumnae , Board of Trustees, corporate, foundation, and personal friends whose financial support is nothing short of Saint Vincent Academy's lifeline.

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