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It takes a village to raise a child.

-African Proverb


We educate in gratitude to our students' parents and guardians who chose the SVA community to be part of that village.  Their decision comes with unfailing support and the sure sense that we share the noblest of goals - that of guiding our daughters into a fullness of their potential as learners and as women. 

Parent/guardian meetings occur each month from September to May and give us the chance to get to know each other and to exchange thoughts and concerns.  Parents and guardians are also SVA's best recruiters.  Whether at work, church, a game or at one of our open houses, they give others excellent reasons for sending their daughters to SVA.


4 hour sessions= Dismissal about 12 noon


Dismissal every Thursday at 1:40p.m. for weekly faculty meeting. All students must leave the building by 1:50 p.m., unless they are members African Dance, the only activity held  on Thursday afternoon. 


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