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Our Mission

Saint Vincent Academy, founded in 1869 and sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, is a Catholic, college-preparatory high school for women of diverse backgrounds, many of whom face societal and economic challenges.  Located in Newark, New Jersey, the Academy prepares urban women to be creative participants in society by empowering them with rigorous academic learning and life-enhancing Gospel teachings.  This nurturing, disciplined community supports a culture of high expectations, a love for learning and the attainment of the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that promote personal and professional fulfillment.


The Academy instills in students a confidence in themselves as women, a belief in God's love for them and in the power of community.  The Saint Vincent Academy experience inspires students to develop lifelong commitments to Christian service and a capacity for hope, compassionate leadership and the desire to transform the world into a more just and peaceful society.



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