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Special Programs


Every Saint Vincent Academy student participates in the Students-in-Community program annually.  Students-in-Community has been in place for more than 40 years and plays a critical role in shaping students' spirituality and appreciation of the importance of individual commitment to community.  This service-learning experience exposes students to community services as well as a range of career options in the service professions, while planting the seeds of Christian service and civic responsibility. 


Juniors and Seniors volunteer during school hours at a wide range of local nonprofit organizations including schools, hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes, advocacy groups and multi-purpose community agencies.  Younger students organize school-based events that serve a target population, such as young children, the elderly or individuals with disabilities. 


Freshman Program

Our innovative Freshman Program is designed to acclimate students to the high school experience here at Saint Vincent Academy and to build the foundation for continued academic success.  


The Freshman Program employs team teaching and focuses on academic skill development, interpersonal skills, self-knowledge and the students' personal responsibility for learning.  An interdisciplinary exploration of themes helps students to integrate learning and provides opportunities for experiential learning.  Regular written mentoring exchanges build trust between students and teachers and support and encourage each student in her efforts to become a successful learner and member of the school community.  If you are interested in applying to Saint Vincent Academy click here 



Reading across the Curriculum

Saint Vincent Academy believes that all teachers are reading teachers.  Our Reading across the Curriculum initiative is focused on the importance of non-fiction reading skills in every classroom, in every discipline.  As reading skills improve, so do critical thinking skills.  Taken together, we expect these gains to position our students to achieve standardized test scores that more accurately reflect their ability. 

Biomedical Science Program 

Biomedical Program

Biomedical science is the application of biology-based science to medical use in research, health monitoring and treatment. Biomedical professionals tackle big challenges in diagnosing, preventing or treating human diseases. They are called on to analyze metabolic disorders, diagnose tumors or identify infectious microorganisms.


SVA’s biomed students tackle real-world challenges working with the same tools used by professionals in hospitals and laboratories. They engage in compelling, real-life tests and hands-on activities. They work cooperatively, analyze and record their findings, and learn to be well-organized note-takers and reporters.


A goal of the program in introducing real-world challenges is to expose students to the myriad careers in biomedical sciences while helping them become better collaborators, problem-solvers and creative thinkers – skills that will foster their success in every discipline, in college, in their chosen professions and throughout their lives.


Saint Vincent Academy students learn to employ technologies in responsible ways, both as learning tools and as vehicles of expression and connection.  Our focus is on 'digital citizenship', the appropriate, responsible use of technological tools.  Through the financial assistance of a number of supporters, every student has access to up-to-date technological tools in the classroom, including iPads, laptops and Chromebooks, and every classroom is equipped with interactive projectors. 

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