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SVA Remote Homeroom

Every homeroom teacher will set up a Google Classroom for that homeroom. Each morning homeroom will be a “live” class. This will afford you the opportunity to pray together, connect with one another and your teacher, and get mentally and emotionally prepared for the school day. At this time attendance will be taken and announcements made.


Attendance during remote instruction is mandatory. Attendance will be taken each morning during the “live” homeroom session via Google classroom. You are to report to this class as you would report to homeroom in school. The Google classroom will be open at 8:05. Any student who enters the Google classroom after 8:25 will be marked late. Any student who does not report to her homeroom by 8:37, signing herself in on the chat feature,  will be marked absent. If you “arrive” after homeroom has ended, do not contact your homeroom teacher. You must email Ms Gray at  to inform her that you have missed homeroom and are therefore marked absent. Ms Gray will reply to you to confirm receipt of your email, change your absent status to tardy and instruct you to begin your day with the class that you have scheduled at that time. It is your responsibility to follow up with the teachers of any class that you missed due to tardiness. You must also “sign in” using the chat feature when you enter each “live” class during the day.

You will follow your school schedule for the day. Teachers will host “live” classes or have assignments posted for each class on each day. You will have a scheduled lunch and, where applicable, free mods during which you can take a break or work on your assignments.

Please note that teachers are expected to host a certain number of “live” classes per week.  For example, if a class meets 10-12 mods per week (major courses), there will be a minimum of 2 “live” classes per week,  Major courses may not meet “live” each time and, except on rare occasions in response to curriculum or student needs, will not exceed 3 “live” classes per week.  Teachers will also share/post the schedule for the week in order to help you prepare, plan and manage your time.

Teachers will be available for extra help after school until 3:30. You can email your teachers or schedule a Google Meet with them to ask questions, address concerns and get whatever support you need in a given area. If you email a teacher after this time, you should not expect a response until the following day.

All homework will be posted on Plus Portals. Teachers may post assignments at any time that is convenient for them. Please read the instructions, including the due date, to avoid any confusion. We encourage you to turn off your notifications when sleeping so that you are not disturbed or worried by a post that is made at a late hour.


In order for teachers to preserve the integrity of administered assessments, as they would in their classroom, you will take most tests and quizzes during a “live” class session that allows your teacher to supervise.  You will be required to have your camera on and your work area clearly visible and cleared of any material other than the items needed for taking the test. We rely on the integrity of our students to cooperate in this process.


We are extremely concerned about your mental and emotional health. This is a time of great uncertainty and we realize that remote learning is not the ideal way to “go to school”. We are aware of the strain that can be put on you and want you to know that you are supported in every aspect of your development, especially during this time. Therefore, counselors will be making appointments with you to check in with you and offer their support in this area. You can also email your counselor to request a meeting at any time. For a scheduled remote meeting, you should be able to communicate in a private setting with your counselor so that your confidentiality can be preserved. Counselors will do their best not to schedule appointments with students during class time.


During this time of remote instruction, there will be many opportunities for “live” instruction that you will be required to attend with the camera turned on, starting with homeroom. It is our expectation that these “live” classes adhere to the same scholastic and behavioral expectations that would be expected during in-person instruction. Therefore, we have compiled some mandatory guidelines that will help to ensure this.

  • Although students will not be required to wear their uniforms, we expect you to be appropriately dressed for all live class sessions. All clothing worn must conform to the “Permissible Dress” guidelines below.

  • You may not attend “live” classes while in or on your bed. You should be at a desk or table and chair that is your designated workspace. 

  • The space visible behind and around you, while attending a “live” class, should not be overly adorned or distracting.

  • There should be adequate lighting so that you can be seen and are able to participate in a meaningful way.

  • You must be visible in the frame; therefore, the camera must be pointed at you and not at a blank wall or other area of the room.

  • You may not engage in any other activity while attending “live” classes, i.e. watching tv, eating, drinking,  looking at your phone or working on assignments for other classes.



Students may dress casually in school-appropriate attire.

Please adhere to the following  guidelines:


Students may not wear:

  • tops which fail to cover midriff or cleavage; no tank tops with spaghetti straps

  • sunglasses, hats or “bonnets”. Scarves covering hair are permissible.

  • Hoodies are acceptable, though the hoods may not be worn on the head.

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